People try to make writing into some serious sort of job. Where writers sit at desks all day, type at computers, research on the internet, and then wait for feedback from contests, publishing agencies, and editors. While these are aspects of the job, they tend to be displayed as stuffy and, honestly, kind of boring. Writing is one of the most interesting occupations in the world, but we sometimes have to remind ourselves to stay creative and intrigued by what we’re writing/ researching. Personally, I’ve found that playing and acting like a child is the best way to tap into your imagination and make any aspect of the writing process fun and enjoyable.

So, I’ve compiled a list of things playful things that might invigorate you:

Play-Do: My writing professor last semester brought in tubs of fresh play-do for my classmates and I to play with. She encouraged us to do whatever we wanted with it. One of my classmates made a pinch pot, another Japanese characters. Someone made a penis (it’s a college classroom, what do you expect?). The girl next to me mad horror-movie like faces as I sculpted a dragon. One person even just pounded away at her Play-Do as a way to relieve stress. Whatever it is, be creative. Be a kid again.

– Middle School Pens: I used to collect pens in middle school that were absolutely crazy and shaped like weird object (forks, carrots, the Grinch that stole Christmas, and the list goes on). I recently went through my collections and pulled out a few pens to write with. Both of them were pens that had cats on them, and, as a HUGE cat person, I get really excited to use them. They make me happy in a really silly way. So I’d encourage you to go out and buy some silly pens that make you smile, because they’ll make you happier when you’re writing down ideas with them.

– A Tea Pot: This one is more for tea drinkers (sorry those of you that guzzle coffee or hot chocolate), but you could really use any liquid. I’ve started using a cute little tea pot and matching cup (I got mine from Adagio, but Teavanna has some really nice sets if you’re willing so spend a little more) to drink tea in my bedroom. It’s nice because 1.) the pot gives me about two coffee mugs worth of tea, but four to six cups worth (it’s a small cup) and 2.) it reminds me when I used to play with tea sets. It makes me feel sophisticated in pink-feather-boa-and-Mom’s-wedding-shoes sort of way.

A Pleasant Work Space: While this item is a little less childish than the others, it’s still important. Writing spaces are, obviously, a personal thing, so I won’t go into detail on how I arrange my desk; however, you want your workspace to be inviting and stress free. If messes stress you out, then make sure you’re have an organized system to arrange your desk. If you like everything to match, then plan a color scheme for the books, notebooks, and nicknacks you put on your desk. If you’re like me, then you’ll want to have enough clear space to write and place in-use notebooks, but you’ll also want to put some books and quirky nicknacks on your desk. Whatever your preferences are, make sure that your desk is arranged in a way that makes you comfortable.

Change Locations: Nothing is more fun than going on an adventure, even if it’s just to your local library, coffee shop, or book store. But if you’re really having trouble writing in your normal locations, try something new! Go to a coffee shop or bakery that you’ve never been too. Go to a local park. Go to a state park! They’re always beautiful, and you can set up shop at a picnic table with an amazing view. Here ( is a website where you can find state parks in your area. An added bonus to working in a park? No wifi! You can’t distract yourself on the internet, which will help you focus if you’re really in a slump.

– Fidget Toys: These are the types of toys that I play with while on skype calls with my friends, because I have trouble keeping my hands still. Most of my fidget toys are balls that are cool in some way (like having glitter inside of it), but you could also get small games, puzzles, or stress balls to play with.

– Music: I have some standard music that I like to listen too, but sometimes it just doesn’t do it for me. In those instances I like to switch to music from Disney movies. Spotfiy has some good playlists, and you can always find stuff on Youtube. The nice part of listening to Disney music is that you have both instrumental and vocal options to listen too, depending on which type you prefer to write to. If you don’t like Disney music all that much, any type of nostalgic music will probably get you excited. My mom was a teenager in the eighties, and she loves to listen to music from that time period (If you like that type of music as well check out the Guardians of the soundtrack). Here ( is a great website for finding playlists based off of the most popular songs of a certain year. Basically just find some music that reminds you of your childhood and makes you happy!

– Outfit: Find something in your closet makes you happy when you put it on. For me, it’s an  overly large Mickey Mouse sweater that I got in Disney World last year. For you it might be a Hufflepuff scarf you bought off of Etsy or your favorite flannel pjs. Whatever it is, put it on and write.

Lay on the floor: I don’t know about you, but all through middle school I did my homework laying on the hardwood floor in the kitchen. If your desk isn’t working for you a certain day, take your laptop or notebook and go lie down on the floor. It’s going to feel silly, but the change in position might help you get back in the write frame of mind. (Let’s have a round of applause for my first writing pun on this blog!)

Make a Fort: Use blankets, pillows, couch cushions, fairy lights, and anything else that you think will be cozy. Building the fort will get your creative mind firing, and writing in the fort will be comfy and fun!

If any of you have more ideas that you’d like to add, feel free to comment them!

Happy writing and happy playing!

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