Gift Guide for the Writer in your life


So you’ve got to buy a present for the writer in your life, and you’re not sure what to get them. I feel you. It’s simultaneously easy and difficult to buy gifts for a writer. On one hand, it’s pretty simple to get the writer in your life another notebook or a quill or word magnets (trust me, I’ve gotten them all a couple times over). While us writers don’t mind those gifts, be a little more out of the box this year by getting us stuff that we’ll be able to use, and use all the time.

Comfy pants/ leggings:
The main thing writers do is sit. We sit when we write. We sit when we brain storm. We sit when we edit. It makes sense, then, to get us some pants that would be comfortable to sit in and look good in, as well.
Like these composition notebook patterned pants from Out of Print!


Fingerless gloves:
A writer’s greatest gift are their hands, but some people don’t have the best circulation. Their fingers get cold when they spend too long typing, so some fingerless gloves can help warm up their palms, which in turn warms up their fingers, while still allowing your writer to keep full dexterity of their fingers.
These gloves with embroidered flowers are ridiculously cutewishlist2


Keep your writer warm when they’re up on later winter night typing on their laptops or scribbling in their notebooks. Personally, I’m a fan of crochet blankets with loose stitches, because I can stick my fingers through the loops and type with the blanket still around me. Any really comfortable blanket will do, just make sure it’s cozy!
This one looks really cozy, but blankets are usually easier to buy in a store!

wishlist 3


While software isn’t the most exciting thing to buy, it’s a really great gift, because most writers won’t want to buy the software themselves. Scrivener is one of the best softwares out there that let’s writer separate their drafts into different scenes. Most writers that use scrivener really enjoy it.
Here’s the link to the website, if you’d like to learn more!


This is a review of several different writing softwares if you want to look at some other than scrivener!


Fountain Pen:
Pens are always a nice gift for a writer. Don’t go for those feather pens with an ink pot, though, because your writer won’t use them. If you want to get them a nice pen try a fountain pen for a nice felt tip pen. (A different idea would be to get a pen with their name ingrained in it!)
Here’s a fairly cheap fountain pen!


If you want to get more in depth with your pen research, this list is huge and goes over good versions of different types of pens (everything from fountain to felt tip)!


Writing Craft books:
Every writer needs to learn more about their craft, so books on how to write are almost always welcomed. “Bird by Bird” is by far my favorite craft book. It covers different aspects of writing, while still written in an interesting and attention holding way. Another good book is “Plot and Structure” by James Scott Bell, which teaches writers how to construct solid characters and plots. The “Emotion Thesaurus” is a good reference for increasing descriptive detail!
Bird by Bird
Plot and Structure

The Emotion Thesaurus

Healthy Snacks:
Listen. A lot of writers get more invested in their characters than in themselves. If we’re working to a deadline, we’re going to be stressed. And we won’t eat well. So do your writer a favor and get them some healthy to snack on instead of another bag of Cheetos. You can always go for buying a bunch of healthy snacks like dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and the like. If you’re okay with buying your friend a subscription, I’d recommend NatureBox. They’ll send your friend three (or more) bags of healthy treats that fit their dietary restrictions.
NatureBox website

Organizational things:
Stationary supplies are a writer’s forgotten friends. Normally we’re given pens and notebooks, but manila folders, binder clips, and post it notes are all items we regularly use. Fancy versions of those are always appreciated and will likely be used in a very constructive manner.
Sophisticated Manila Folders
wishlist10Patterned binder clips
wishlist11Cute fruit post-it notes

Any person benefits from a planner, and writers especially. It’s a place where they can record project deadlines and plan out what they need to write and when.
Novel Planner
wishlist13Normal Planner


These last few gifts are more along the lines of providing your writer inspiration when they have writer’s block or need a little something extra to get them writing.
Writer’s cards:
This emergency pack contains cards with different writing techniques on them. Writers can use them to get inspired about how to write the scenes they’re stuck on. 
Writer Emergency Pack
wishlist16Writer’s Block:
Hopefully, this journal will give your writer a laugh, and help them work through the mental block with a place to store ideas.
Writer’s Block Notebook
wishlist17Prompt Games:
These games provide fun little prompt that a writer could potentially use for inspiration!
Prompt Game One   Prompt Game Two


That’s all I’ve got. Good luck shopping, and I’m sure that the writer in your life will love whatever you get them, especially if you explain the reason for getting it. Happy Holidays!

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