500 February

Hello everyone!

I’m doing a slightly different blog post on here, so bear with me.

Recently, I’ve been struggling to write on a consistent basis, and it’s affecting my relationship with my writing and with my characters. I’ve grown distant from them, when I need to right along side them to finish my full novel draft. So I’ve decided to create a new challenge called 500 February. Similar to NaNoWriMo, 500 February focuses on having you reach a word count each day, and- you guessed it- that word count goal is 500.

That might not seem like much (it usually takes people about 10-30 minutes to write 500 words), it will add up to about 14,500 words by the end of the month. That’s more than 1/5 of the NaNoWriMo goal for November!

I’ll be posting semi-weekly (if not daily!) blogs here about my successes, failures, and progress this month. I really invite you all to join me in this, whether you’re continuing work on an old piece or starting a new piece!

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I’ll upload a more normal post (about different plotting techniques!) very soon.

Lizzie đŸ™‚

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