500 February- Day Two

It seems like I might be doing daily posts for 500 February (Don’t know what that is? Check out my post here!). The quick details of today’s writing:

Day: 2

WC: 506

Total WC: 1,369

Music: “Daily Lift” playlist on Spotify


Evaluation of today’s writing session:

Writing was slow today for two reasons 1. I didn’t have a scene planned, so I was trying to figure that out while typing and 2. The music I was listening to didn’t really match the mood of my characters. Similar to yesterday, the first one hundred words were the toughest and probably took 10 minutes on their own. I hit another road block around 460 words, because I had felt like I hit 500 before I checked my actual word count.

Additional Thoughts:

I’m currently working on the book’s resolution, having hit the climax a little while ago. I’m starting to worry about whether the resolution is too long, and if I should try to speed it up by writing less. I was thinking about all of that when I was writing, and I realized that it might have stunted my work today. The thing about drafts, especially first drafts, is that you are going to spend so much damn time revising, so over writing at this point in the process really isn’t a bad thing. So if anyone is struggling with the same feeling that too much is happening after they hit the climax, remember that you can always revise it later. For now, just keep writing.


Also, to anyone joining late- 500 February is a challenge I’m putting out to writers. Where we write 500 words a day for the month of February. While it did start yesterday, feel free to jump in now! If you start writing 500 words today, you’ll end the month with 14,000 words, which is a lot! So join in on the fun, and if you post updates like I do, tag them with #500February!

Happy Writing! 🙂

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