500 February- Day Three

The “dirty” details for today’s session (the phrasing of that sentence makes this seem a lot more raunchy than it is):

Day: 3

WC: 562

Total WC: 1,931

Time: ~25 minutes

Music: none (I didn’t feel like taking out my headphones)



Today was the easiest day so far. I finished in about 25 minutes instead of the 30+ that it’s taken the past two days. I also managed to get to about 275 words before I felt compelled to check my word count instead of about 100. I still feel like I’m writing too much after the “climax,” and I’m wondering if maybe my climax isn’t where I thought it was, but I honestly don’t know. I guess I’ll figure that out during revisions. Overall, I think this writing session went really well. It took some convincing for me to start writing, but once I was doing it, everything flowed pretty well.


Additional thoughts that no one asked for, but I’m going to write anyway:

I’m listening to Hamilton while writing this post, and I seriously recommend writers listen to this musical. Why? 1. Because it has excellent story telling techniques, covering every theme from love to revolution to betrayal to death to legacies and so many, many key elements in universal stories and 2. Lin Miranda’s attention to language is incredible. If you’re a poet, you need to listen to this musical. It’s all done in a rap style, and the way it uses sound is incredibly close to how you can use sound in poetry. UGH it’s sooooo good.

I went into Starbucks with the intention of getting an Earl Grey Latte with vanilla (also called a London Fog!), and somehow walked out with a Chai Latte. Why is that you ask? I got nervous when I was ordering.

I also realized that I quite prefer the revision process to the writing process. In revision you can get really nitpicky about things, and I LOVE doing that. (Would it surprise you that I’m one of those people who color codes their book shelves and religiously uses their planner system?) Writing is still really fun, of course. I just get worried that I’m not going in the best possible direction for the story, you know?


Alright, that’s it for my rambling for today. If you want to join in on 500 February (a writing challenge to write 500 words a day for the month of February), it’s not too late to join in on the fun! Feel free to use #500February to post updates on how you feel about writing or if you want any writing tips.

Happy writing!!

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