500 February- Days 5-8

I’ve been trying to do the 500 February challenge, where you write 500 words a day. Inevitably, I slipped. Over the weekend (6-7) I got sick, and it took a massive amount of energy just to finish the homework I needed to get down. I didn’t have the energy to write, and I realize that that’s a lame excuse. I should have made the time, but I didn’t. It happens sometimes. However, this morning (the 8th) I’m back on track with writing, and I think that it’s to remember that missing a day or two isn’t the end of the world, as long as you get back to work in a timely manner.

Day 5 quick details:
WC: 533
Total WC: 3,007
Time: ~30 minutes
Music: none

Day 5 Thoughts:
I didn’t feel like working on my novel at all on Friday. I wrote about 12 words for it, before switching to write an idea that had been nagging me to write it all week. So I wrote a little more than 500 words of that different idea. Will I continue to pursue it? I don’t know. My new idea is very much based off the style of The Martian. It’s about a magazine sending a journalist to Mars with a NASA crew. I don’t really have a plot for it, so I’m not sure where it’s going to go. I do know, though, that I don’t want it to turn into a “being trapped” on Mars story line. That’s way to similar to the The Martian, and I wouldn’t be able to achieve it to the level and accuracy that  Andy Weir does.

It was fun to write, though. I might go back to it, if I hit another wall on my current novel again.


Day 8 quick details:
WC: 634
Total WC: 3,641
Time: ~25 minutes
Music: “Viral Hits” playlist by Spotify

Day 8 thoughts:
After not writing at all over the weekend, I was expecting to have trouble getting back into the groove of writing. I didn’t have that problem at all. I had the best writing session that I’d had all month (save day 1). I didn’t run into the same block that I had on Friday, and the words just sort of flowed today. They went in a direction I hadn’t expected them to, and I’m really happy with the result. I can feel the ending is almost here. I have to finish the scene I wrote today. Add one scene of the different characters leaving, and then the final one of my character leaving for his plane. Then it’ll be done. Of course, I’ll need to go back and add some additional scenes, and finish up scenes that I’d left unfinished. I’m getting close to finishing my draft, though, and it’s really exciting.

Additional Thoughts that I enjoy adding:
– Using the List app on your phone is a super helpful place to write down ideas for blog posts, stories, and your novel. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure that out.
– I’m still working on that Plot blog post I promised to put up a week ago. It’s taking longer than I thought, and I’ve been busy.
– I feel like I’ve made a lot of excuses in this blog post.
– I wished that tea/coffee/latte vending machines existed, and I wish that one existed within a ten foot radius of me at all times. @Starbucks get on that.
– Has anyone ever invented latte flavored chocolate bars? Because I’d love a vanilla latte chocolate bar, oh my goodness.
– I swear, I got like nine hours of sleep last night, why am I tired?
– If you feel like procrastinating on writing, Steam (and maybe other video game sites?) are having sales right now. I got three different games for just under $10. I also got one game for $20, but that one wasn’t on sale.
-Should I be encouraging people to procrastinate? … probably not.

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