500 February- Day 11 &12

Day 11: The quick overview of the writing session
WC: 120
Total WC: 4,149
Time: ~10 minutes
Music: I kept switching between playlists to find something I liked. I didn’t like any of it.

Thoughts about the writing session:
This was the first time this month where I had sat down to write and wasn’t about to write the full 500 words. Part of that was a time constraint. On Thursdays and Tuesdays I have a 10:00 class instead of an 11:30 or a 2:30, so I generally have a few hours to write in the morning. Yesterday I had a test and a bunch of things to for my 10:00 class (and the lab following it), so I didn’t have my normal 30 minutes to write. I also didn’t write after getting back home, because I was incredibly tired. (I watched Bob’s burgers and ate chocolate for a few hours). So I really just didn’t create the time in my day to do the full 500 words, and I am a little disappointed about that.


Day 12: The quick overview of the writing session
WC: 1,635
Total WC: 5,784
Time: ~ 1.5 hrs.
Music: “Morning Commute” playlist on Spotify (not sure if I’d recommend it)

Thoughts about the writing session:
I feel like it’s safe to say that I wrote a little bit more today than I did yesterday. I actually wrote three times the 500 word goal (plus a bit). The reason? I wanted to finish the novel. I knew that I was really close to tying up the end of the novel and I just wanted to do it today. The session got off to a rough start with me checking every 100 words until about 400 to see if I’d hit the writing requirement for the day. After a bit thought, I forced myself to stop checking until I felt like I had finished writing. Often times, I get distracted by word count goals and want to just write until I’ve finished the amount. The word goal, though, doesn’t always line up with me finishing a scene or a section. So today I wrote until I finished the section. Since it’s my 2:30 class day, I felt fine spending that much time writing. I’m also really happy with the ending. I’m sure that in a month or two I’ll be thinking “This is crap!” and edit all of it to make is 1000 times better (as I do with nearly everything). For now, though, I’m incredibly pleased and excited about where I’m at in my writing process. Tomorrow will probably be an organizational day (I tend to write scenes non-linearly, so I have a document that I use to put everything in order), so I might just work on a short story instead of my novel. Overall, though, I am incredibly happy about how my writing session went today.


Additional Thoughts:

  • The fire alarm went off while I was writing up this post.
  • My fingers, as usual, are very cold right now.
  • I need to back up my novel on an external hard drive tonight.
  • I have a meeting in 15 minutes that I don’t really want to go to, even though I’m super excited about the subject of the meeting.
  • I’m literally so happy about writing the ending of my book. I still have other work to do, BUT I WROTE THE ENDING! I know what happens at the end!!
  • I’m continuing to play around with plotist.com, and it’s continuing to be interesting.
  • I found out about two free websites (one of them is called zotero and I forgot the other one) that organize pdfs and you can tag them and add notes to them. So that would probably be helpful for anyone who works with a lot of research.
  • I’m going to be designing a new D and D character tomorrow, and I’m pretty stoked.
  • I need to find better playlists on Spotify, and I’d love suggestions if anyone wants to comment them.

That’s it for today! Happy writing everyone!!


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