500 February- Days 13-15

While I didn’t post any updates over the weekend, I did end up writing quite a bit.

Day 13: Writing details
WC: 1,334
Total WC: 7,118
Time: ~1 hour
Music: none

I wasn’t actually writing for my novel on Saturday. I’d written the ending scene of it the day before, and I need to order my scenes and see what I need to finish before I start writing for it again. Instead I wrote a short creative nonfiction piece about how, as a college student, I feel really insecure about not knowing where I’ll be in five years, or even where I want to after I graduate in two years. That piece flowed really well when I was writing it, and I would consider it mostly done. I’ll probably send it to a couple friends to edit it, and then go over it myself, and maybe submit it somewhere to see if I can get it published.


Day 14: I actually didn’t write on Sunday. I focused on homework, since I have three out of my four classes on Monday.

Day 15: Writing Details
WC: 1,547
Total WC: 8,665
Time” ~1.3 hours
Music: “Hit Rewind” Spotify playlist

Day 15: Writing Thoughts:
I’m going to 100% level with you guys. Today I wrote fanfiction. I haven’t had time to organize my novel yet, so I still don’t know what I need to write for that. I know that fanfiction gets a bad rap, and a lot of writers don’t consider it a legit thing. To be honest, I have kind of conflicting opinions about it, but I do see it as a really effective way to practice writing. Lately, I’ve been having trouble creating and executing plots. I thought writing a fanfic could help, because all of the characters are already set. I know, more or less, how they’re going to react and relate to each other, which allows me to focus more on the mechanics of the story. I also really struggle with writing short fiction (because my plots are too complicated to fit into 5,000 words), so I’m also trying to figure out how to condense a full story into a small number of words.

I also would like to mention that I got my start as a writer by writing fanfiction in high school. (I should point out that I’m not a smut writer. I don’t really find it enjoyable to write that stuff, so I don’t.) So I actually roots in the genre, and found that it was really helpful and motivating to receive positive feedback on my writing. Right now, I do feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with my writing, and I’d love to see some positive comments to remind me why I write.

That said, I’m having a lot of fun writing this. I’m playing around with a very different plot than my novel, and it’s really enjoyable. I’ve been finding that my descriptions have improved monumentally from when I first started writing, and I’m really happy with a lot of the images I put in the piece. I also have been able to write over 1,000 words without getting fidgety about wanting to finish writing. This is also the first time this month, where I actually feel like I’m probably going to continue writing after I post this update. Part of that might be because I don’t have homework looming over my head, but part of it (a large part) just wants to get back to writing. Writing this piece is sort of reminding me that, before I went to college and declared it my major, writing was my hobby. I enjoyed it instead of worrying about what was going to happen to it. Whether it was good enough to publish or not.


Additional Thoughts:

  • I had too much caffeine this morning, and I feel like my insides are vibrating.
  • My backpack is incredibly heavy this morning. I have no desire to walk up the hill to my classes in an hour or so.
  • I’m more than half way through the estimated word count total for the month (14,500).
  • The Smoked Butterscotch Latte at Starbucks is okay. Mine wasn’t mixed well enough, though, so all the syrup was at the bottom and it was too sweet.
  •  I’m actually really enjoying listening to the “Hit Rewind” playlist. It’s pretty much all the popular songs from the past few years. They’re all in the pop genre, but that makes it really easy to tune them out, and it’s been productive to write to.
  • I’m kind of questioning my choice of talking about fanfiction in this post, because I’m worried that it will lessen my image as a writer, which I think is really dumb. Fanfiction isn’t the same as high literature, but I think that it’s still valid. Especially when you’re test driving a certain writing technique.
  •  I will actually bring my fingerless mittens to my writing spot tomorrow, because I’m tired of dealing with cold fingers.
  • I should have worn warmer socks.

    Happy Writing!


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