500 February- Day 16-17

Day 16: The Quick Deet’s
WC: 295
Total WC: 8,960
Time: ~10
Music: some playlist on Spotify that I forgot the name of

Day 16: Thoughts on the writing session

I underwrote yesterday do to a snow storm. (That might be the worst excuse I’ve ever used.) Basically my entire morning was kind of thrown off by the fact that I had to wade through six inches of snow to get to a dining hall for breakfast, and then I had to do it again to get to the place where I spend my morning doing homework. After having done all this, knocking me off schedule by half an hour or so, I was almost convinced that my college was going to call a snow day. I spend the majority of the morning checking my email for something saying that all classes were canceled or that my professor had canceled class. That did happen, of course. (Six inches is pretty much nothing in the snow country that I live in, although afternoon classes got canceled after we had accumulated over a foot). Because I couldn’t stop checking my phone about cancelations, I wasn’t able to focus enough to write my daily 500. I also didn’t force myself to write that afternoon either, as I elected to have snowball fights and play Portal instead. (I swear, I’m a really dedicated writer, guys!)

Anyway, I didn’t end up writing much because I let distractions have my attention. (I also might have gotten a teensy bit bored of the piece that I was writing, while I took a break from writing my novel.)


Day 17: The bit where I say my word count and stuff associated with it!
WC: 918*
Total WC: 9,941
Time: ~50 minutes
Music: none/ I can hear the songs from the radio in the building (mostly popular stuff)

Day 17: The writing session breakdown:
Today was a different sort of writing day, because I didn’t actually write that much. I spent my time today organizing my novel. I have two main word docs that I use: one where I just write everything down when in no real order and one where I order everything into chapters. I feel like that system appeals best to my creative nature and my neat organize nature. It’s like putting random, unfinished thoughts down in random notebooks, and then transferring the best thoughts to a nice notebook with a beautiful cover. Today, as you can imagine then, consisted of me moving about 7-8k words into the organized document and then looking around for the massive dangling threads in my story. I spent my time after that scrounging around in a really old (like almost two years old) draft of my novel for a scene I wanted to repurpose for my current draft. Hence the * on my word count in the above section. I added 918 words to my draft today, but I only about 300-500 of those words were freshly written. I decided to count all of them, though, because the new words were so integrated with the old ones that, the revision looked radically different than the old version.

Also, if anyone is curious, my current (organized draft) is up to 45,074 words, while my creative space draft is at 47, 145. That 2k discrepancy comes from a series of notebook entries that my MC wrote, and I’m not sure where to put into the novel yet. I’ll have to find a place at some point.

Additional Thoughts:

  • According to a report I saw this morning, we accumulated about a foot and a half of snow yesterday, and there’s a chance of maybe an inch or so more today.
  • They’ve gotten better about heating the building I write in, and my fingers are not as cold as normal.
  • One of the snowballs that I got hit with yesterday managed to get stuck behind the lens of my glasses, and I didn’t realize it was on the inside (I thought it was on the outside) for five to ten minutes.
  • I have decided that I’m re-doing that post about plots that I’ve been referring to all month, because I realized that I don’t have the authority or expertise to tell other people how to plot. Instead I’m going to find a bunch of good articles on the subject and do a quick review of those methods and include the links. Like some beginning writers (if not most), plot is one of those things that I struggle with. I know the general trend of how to construct a plot, but when it gets down to how to determine what’s a plot point and what isn’t I still have some fuzziness. I don’t want to misinform anyone, and that realization took about two weeks to fully brew and come to the surface before I recognized that that was why I was hesitating about posting my plot post, which has been fully written for a week or so.
  • I just realized that I could have been ordering an Earl Grey Latte at Starbucks for months, and I haven’t been. You can’t imagine the amount of disappointment and excitement I felt in line when I realized that.
  • The after thoughts are not always related to writing, and I always get a little nervous when I write them to put in a post. I wonder whether anyone reads them or if they’re seen as annoying. In my head, though, they’re like the comments that actually define parts of my personality to the reader. And, if we’re honest (and I try very hard to be), there’s something very enjoyable for me, to write all these thoughts down and know that someone might read them and respond to them (either in their own thoughts or in the comments).
  • I currently have 6 different word documents open. All of them are writing related. Four of them are different documents containing bits of my novel.
  • I’m attending a workshop today, hosted by the English department at my school, where we’re going to go over how to submit to literary magazines, and I am so excited.
  • I also have to craft and submit a piece within a next few weeks to determine which writing class I want to take next semester. I also need to talk to my advisor, because there’s a small chance that I might do a directed study course instead of a normal writing one based off of the study abroad program that I’m doing over the summer.
  • Does anyone else ever feel that once they start feeling like they have everything under control that they realize there’s actually a bunch more stuff they need to figure out? (see above comment for me.)
  • I am honestly so excited about this novel. I feel like I’m really starting to get to a point where I can say “here is a readable draft,” which, after three years of working with these character, I can’t even describe how far I feel like this story has come. I feel like a proud mom.
  • Also, I changed the header image if anyone noticed. I was getting bored with how my blog looked using the same image every day. 🙂

Happy Writing Everyone!




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