500 February- Days 18-22

Day 18:
WC: 1235
Total WC: 11,176
Time: ~ 1.5 hrs
Music: none/ I don’t remember

I had to write a draft for a science writing community that I’m part of. The program works so that a writer is paired with a scientist/ researcher. Unsurprisingly, I’m the writer part of that pairing. I’ve been struggling to write this piece, because I feel like so many aspects of it where up in the air until recently, that I don’t have all the information to write, and that I’m struggling with the problem of writing about someone else. I want to represent my partner in the best possible light and that I give her work the credit that it deserves. Somehow that terrifies me and has been impeding the writing process for me. I’ve been working to try to figure that out, and I’m starting to feel like I have a handle on it. Today’s writing session has been the best one that that specific piece so far.

Day 19 -20:

I didn’t write these days. I was busy with work and visitors.

Day 21:
WC: 459
Total WC: 11,635
Time: ~25 minutes
Music: none

Thoughts on the writing session:
I almost forgot to include this day’s writing session in the post. I wrote at a totally different time than normal on Sunday. Normally, I write in the morning after breakfast at around 8:30. I start writing at 10:20 at night on the 21st. It was one of those times where I had a short story, and I felt the need to write it. So I decided to write for a little bit before watching television, which was all I had planned I was going to do.

Day 22:
WC: 510
Total WC: 11,686
Time: ~30 minutes
Music: none

Thoughts on today’s writing session:
It felt so good to be back at the keyboard writing. I realized that I had missed doing it, since I hadn’t purposefully sat down to write in a few days. The short story I worked on yesterday was calling to spend some more time on it today, so I did. I’m not normally a short story writer, but I’m really happy with the story and format that I’m using. It’s written in what I call a “snapshot” format, which is when you write a story by combining a bunch of individual, standalone scenes. Normally there’s some sort of connecting factor to them, but the scenes don’t naturally flow into each other like they do in a normal story format. I think that the premise of the piece (superhero bandages) is just a really fun one. I’m finding that it allows me to play around with both fun/happy ideas like superheroes, and darker ones like injuries. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going to be honest.


Additional Thoughts:

  • Earl Grey Tea Latte with two pumps of vanilla syrup from Starbucks is where it’s at. I do, however, feel really bad whenever I order it, because the baristas usually don’t know how to make it off the top of their heads. It’ll take them a moment to find the recipe for a tea latte. It’s so good, though.
  • I’ve been finding that the act of sitting down to write every(ish) day has been making me a better writer. Not just in the fact that I’m actually writing, but I’ve been more tuned in with my writing self. I think about writing more often. I compose sentences in my head while walking around campus when normally I’m just thinking about where I need to go next. I also feel happier with myself, because I feel accomplished with the fact that I’m writing. One of my biggest worries is that I’ll never be an author, but I’ve been feeling, lately, that all this writing will lead to authorship at some point soonish.
  • I have a literary magazine submission deadline for Wednesday, and I haven’t edited my piece for it yet.
  • Actually, I have a writing deadline every week for the next month. It’s going to be a little intense.
  • This week with be a practice in not letting work overwhelm me, I think.

Those are all my thoughts for now. Happy writing!


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