500 February- Day 23

The Quick Details:
WC: 565
Total WC: 12,710
Time: ~45 minutes
Music: popular songs from the early 2000’s/ current popular songs

Thoughts on today’s writing session:
I was bouncing between working on two different things today. One of them was the short story that I’ve been writing the past few days. I wrote about 473 words for that, which tied up the end of it. I feel pretty pleased with that story. I ended it just under 1500 words, and I feel like I achieved what I set out to do with it. The other thing that I worked on today was a cover letter for a submission due tomorrow. It needs to be looked over by someone, but I feel like it’s fairly solid.

Additional Thoughts:

  • My fingers, as per usual, are cold. I did, however, locate a pair of fingerless gloves, which are helping. My fingers could have been even colder than they are.
  • I forgot to eat breakfast.
  • I edited the piece that I’m submitting tomorrow, and I’m really nervous about it. I wrote that about a year ago, and it doesn’t match my current style. I’m afraid that it won’t be good enough for submission. That said, I’m also trying to remind myself that acceptance and rejection from a literary magazine is not necessarily a reflection of me as a writer, but a reflection of that specific work and how it functioned within that specific magazine.
  • Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get accepted. Being accepted would be absolutely wonderful.
  • I’m less than 2,000 words away from this month’s goal of 14,500 words. I’m pretty excited to write a reflection on it!
  • Rereading my work is making me realize that I need to spend more time on scenery and imagery. I get caught up with ideas and thoughts that I sometimes completely forget to actually show the scene. This is especially true in my creative nonfiction pieces.
  • I’ve been keeping a sticker chart to reward myself for writing 500 words in a day, and I absolutely love looking it. I have so many great stickers. (The best three: a turtle, a seashell, and heart shaped cookies).
  • Also someone else is sitting at my usual table today, and it’s throwing me off. I dislike when my routine is disrupted.
  • I really love writing these additional notes, because I feel like my personality actually comes through in them. Plus it’s a nice place for me to put down what’s on my mind. Normally these sorts of thoughts are what distract me while writing. By writing them down after doing my session for the day, it allows me to push off thinking about them until now.

I hope you have a fantastic day and have the ability to make time to write today. 🙂


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