Writer’s companion is run by a college student who can usually be summoned by clicks, meows, and the sound of a teapot going off. Her name may or may not be Lizzie. It could be Margret or George or even Pringles. It’s definitely not Lucy, though, that’s the name of her cat.

This blog is meant for other writers who want to get better at their craft but learning and asking questions together. The blog will have writing prompts, discussions about stories (be it books, movies, television shows etc), writing tips, and personal anecdotes from the writer of this blog.

Lizzie is a Creative Writing major in her sophomore year at college. Her primary focus is in Creative Nonfiction, but she also adores fiction and is begrudgingly starting to enjoy poetry . Currently she has a novel in the making, possible collection of personal essays and poems slowly compiling, and a nonfiction novel in the research phase of things.

Here are additional links if you’d like to follow her on other areas of the internet:

Twitter  | Facebook | Youtube | Tumblr | Instagram


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